This course was designed with easy accessibility and understandability in mind. 

You will learn three core mama skills:




Each of the three skills will be presented in the same simple format, the 3 Es:

Education  What is this?

ExperientialHow do I do this?

Easy ApplicationWhen do I do this?

While the science behind each of these techniques is of crucial importance, those details are spared in this particular course, in service of efficiency and simplicity. 

Please come to this course with an open mind and heart. That’s all you need.

As you progress throughout the workshop at your own pace, it is suggested that you complete the Daily Reflections at least once per day. However, you can fill it out as many times as you'd like! The link to the Daily Reflections will be scattered throughout the workshop, and you can also find it directly within the Membership Hub, Workshop Homepage, or the Resource Library for easy access.

This workshop will include text reading scripts, audio recordings, videos, and/or worksheets. You can complete this workshop at whatever pace works for you. There are no quizzes or tests. We are here to grow as individuals and as mothers.

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